Please continue adding photos to the Family albums. However to enhance our viewing pleasure, when submitting photos, choose the appropriate album, complete the caption to tell us who's in the photo and relate it to the senior family member. Each album can hold up to 30 photos. 
Over 80 men, women and children in attendance


These are photos of the 2018 WMC Family Reunion, July 13 - 15, 2018. This reunion was special as it took place in Harlan. A lot of our 5th and 6th generations were there (Eliza as our first generation). We had a history lesson that took the family back to the 1600's (look for the PPT elsewhere on this website).

2010 Reunion

This album contains photos of the  most recent WMC Family Reunion: June 11-13, 2010; Macon, Georgia. Those who attended are welcome to upload your best photos. 
Eliza Whitaker

The Whitakers

This album is devoted to Eliza Whitaker's children: Nora, Gladys, Mary, Floyd, Easter, Bill, Chester, Lucy, and Dayle. Please feel free to post photos of them and their descendants. 
Joe and Easter with Frank, Eliza, Jess, and Albert

Easter Whitaker's Descendants

This album is devoted to Easter Whitaker's children: Frank, Liza, Jess, Albert, Daniel, Warren, Clora, Nelly, Hannah, Easter Belle, and Edna. Feel free to post family photos of them and their descendants. Be sure to acknowledge which family the photo belongs to. 
Clora Turner

Clora Clark Turner

Mrs. Clora Clark Turner was the last of Easter Whitaker's children to pass. This album is devoted to Clora's memory. You are encouraged to upload your best photo(s) of Clora for everyone to enjoy. 
Carolyn McKinley (Hannah's Child) life 2-23-1948 - 8-29-2017


This album contains photos of the homegoing celebrations of some of Easter Whitakers' grandchildren, i.e., Carol McKinley (Hannah), Danny Mason (Dan), and Mike Turner (Clora).