Phyllis 'Mickey' Mason, Webmaster
Phyllis "Mickey" Mason, Webmaster

Kudos to the 2017-18 Planning Committee and all associated planners! The purpose of the 2018 reunion was to assess the extent of interest from the younger generations. Well, you did it! They turned out in numbers and brought their children. 

The next family reunion will take in 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. They just got the bid so there is plenty of time for all interested family members to participate in the initial planning stage. 

If you like this website and/or can't attend the reunions, please consider contributing to the reunion fundraisers.  We want to enhance the quality of this website and minimize the cost of executing the family reunions! 


Did you know Easter Whitaker and Joe Mason's  sons?  Click here to see photos of the Mason Men  



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