Detroit 2020 WMC Family Reunion!!!! 



DECEMBER  2018!!!!


Easter Whitaker Mason Clark
Easter Whitaker Mason Clark
The WMC Family Reunion website is designed to serve as a form of communication among my descendants and my siblings' descendants. 

We just had our third family reunion in the birthplace of many family members--Harlan, Kentucky. The first family reunion was in Harlan in 1995. The second family reunion was in Macon, GA in 2010. Keep coming to the reunions  children. Strengthen your roots! We just found one of my siblings' descendents, Mrs. Monique Joseph, granddaughter to my sister Mary. Monique shared a lot of information regarding our family history. 

July 2018 Reunion was planned as a "Getting-To-Know-You" event to bring the families together. We had over 80 men, women and children in attendance. Now it is time to start preparing to attend the 2020 Family Reunion. We expect to double the number attending.  

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