HOTEL: All of the rooms in the WMC Family Reunion block are filled! The hotel has some additional rooms, but not at the reunion discount rate. We can extend the number of rooms in our block, but need your feedback as to the need. Some family members acknowledged that they need to release some rooms due to last minute changes. Thus, if you really want to attend the 2018 Family Reunion and want rooms at the discounted reunion rate, please use the Contact Us page to make your needs known. I will get you to the right people!

REGISTRATION: The Registration cut-off date is June 15. This is also the cut-off date for ordering Reunion T-shirts. We are pleased with number of the registrations to date, but expected more considering the feedback that we've been getting from our families. If you are planning to attend but are dragging your feet in terms of completing the registration form, then you should get busy because there are still ways to save: 
NEW!!!!  Adults and teens have another opportunity to get a reduction on the cost of Reunion T-shirts! Because we want more participation in this event, the Planning Committee agreed to provide another incentive (50% discount) on the cost of the Reunion T-shirt for adults and teens registering from May 2 through June 4, 2018!!!!   

Also, consider the fact that there is no cost for youth and children, ages 15 and under, unless you want them to have a Reunion T-shirt. So, get busy and meet us in Harlan by July 13th; and be sure to sport your Reunion T-shirts on Saturday!!!!

young Easter Whitaker
young Easter Whitaker

What do you want to know? If your answer isn't on the "FAQ", "2018 REUNION",  OR "REGISTER-ON-LINE" page,  then submit a question(s) on the "CONTACT US" page and you'll get an answer within 24 hours.   You can also ask one of the Planning Committee representatives. But hurry the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT expires on May 1., the new discount as referenced above, expires on June 4!

If you have registered, please "RSVP" so we'll know "WHO'S COMING".   By the way, do you see your name on the "FAMILY DIRECTORY" page? I think the little map thingy is cute. If you don't see your name, you should "add or update" your profile! The password that you enter provides access to all of the "restricted access" pages. 


Click here to download a copy of the WMC 2018 Reunion Registration Package. Print copies and complete the forms. Mail the forms and check to the address shown at the bottom of the form. Call one of the contact persons for help or to let us know that your "check is in the mail". Don't forget the Volunteer form. We need help in a variety of ways. You may also register on-line
This is a design image of the WMC 2018 Family Reunion T-shirt.

Some people collect Reunion T-shirts and boast about the number that they have collected. Will you be included in that number? Then, you don't want to
 miss the 2018 Reunion. Be part of the Early Bird crowd and register before May 1, 2018. 

After June 15, we do not anticipate anymore T-shirt sales for the 2018 Family Reunion in Harlan, KY.